Melamine Chests

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Melamine furniture sets the benchmark when it comes to affordable quality and value. Because of the way in which melamine furniture is produced, it's significantly more cost-effective than many other types of furniture and laminates, which means the same level of quality can be bought for less money. However, this doesn't mean that any compromise is made on durability; in fact, melamine furniture can last for years if taken proper care of; it doesn't scratch or mark easily, it's shatterproof, and the melamine coating also provides waterproof protection to the material underneath.

Melamine chests are a practical choice which can be used anywhere in the home. Great for kids rooms for their durability and waterproof features, or equally fantastic in the hall or kitchen and other heavy-traffic areas, melamine chests can withstand years of use and look the part too. There's also no reason why it can't be used in living areas, bedrooms, and even bathrooms - it really does work anywhere, and because of the wide variety of styles and colour choices melamine furniture is available in, it can fit perfectly with any room design.

One of the reasons why melamine furniture is so popular is because it is flexible, and can be customised for a wide variety of styles and tastes. Melamine is a coating which can be applied to various materials, which means melamine furniture can be available in styles which match various wood types including pine, oak, mahogany, and more, as well as plain white melamine chests and coloured chests. Because it's relatively cheap to make, melamine furniture is also available in a huge range of sizes and styles to match any decor.

While melamine itself is a relatively modern invention, actually melamine furniture can work equally well in both contemporary and traditionally styled homes. Because of the versatility of melamine, melamine furniture is available in various styles and the quality of the material is such that friends and visitors won't even notice your furniture is melamine.