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Give your books a beautiful home with our huge range of quality timber bookcases and bookshelves for sale online. A beautiful bookcase is a great way to store and display a collection of books, ornaments and photographs.  We offer a variety of styles, finishes and sizes from timber bookcases that provide a natural sense of warmth and comfort to practical and modern melamine bookcases.

Premium Bookcases for Storage and Display

We stock a wide variety of bookcases that offer multi-purpose storage and display solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, studies, playrooms and more, bookcases are adaptable pieces of furniture that are beautiful to look at and also extremely functional.

Browse Our Collection Of Bookcases & Display Units

Browse Our Collection Of Bookcases & Display Units

Display bookcases

The main purpose of a display bookcase is to provide a backdrop against which to showcase your favourite books or possessions. Read more
Bookcases don't just need to hold books! From sporting trophies through to ornaments and nick-nacks, DVDs, CDs, or other items that you love to see in your home, a display bookcase can be a great place to show off your possessions. One of the major advantages of a display bookcase is that it's possible to get glass-fronted options. These enable the beauty of the contents to be displayed, at the same time as protecting valuable possessions from dust, wear and tear, or rough handling. When possessions are displayed in a glass-fronted bookcase, they don't need to be dusted so frequently. For fragile and/or precious items, this helps prolong their lifespan and minimises the risk of an unfortunate accident.

Storage bookcases

If your primary aim is to find a bookcase that can hold all your books tidily and safely, a storage bookcase is going to be the perfect solution. Storage bookcases are available in a variety of sizes. As well as variation in their overall dimensions, there are also differences in the shelf heights. This is extremely useful if you have a wide variety of books of differing sizes: bookcases with different shelf heights enable you to store anything from encyclopedias through to average-sized paperbacks.

Have you considered wall-mounted bookcases?

In addition to bookcases that stand on the ground, there are also a number of styles that can be fastened to walls. When floor space is at a premium, a wall-mounted bookcase provides a good opportunity for storage, at the same time as freeing up valuable space. Wall-mounted bookcases needn't be confined to the main rooms of a home - if you've got space on your wall, a bookcase could fill it. Why not opt for a wall-mounted bookcase in the kitchen to hold all those recipe books?

Bookcases for any room

Many householders prefer a small bookcase in the hallway (perfect for maps, guide books and other travel essentials). Some people like a bookcase on the landing, providing an attractive accent as well as a resource for guests or household members who want a fresh read to take to bed with them. One of the major advantages of bookcases is their versatility - no matter what you want to store, or where you want to store it, a bookcase can do the job!

Narrow bookcases, tall and low bookcases

Bookcases really do come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there's one to fit your location, no matter how small or awkwardly shaped the space may be. Shop our range now to find a bookcase that's right for your home.